What can I say.....I stole it!

Isn't this a cute invitation to a baby shower?  I sure think so.  My daughter, Laura made these for my daughter-in-law, Melissa's baby shower.  When we were at the trailer last weekend, she worked on these while I made cards.  She had everything cut, stamped, colored, and embossed, and took them home to assemble them.  Only at home she discovered that she was out of adhesive after only assembling a couple cards, resorted to using a glue stick, only that did not hold the paper for the embossed pieces.  Thought she would finish them up at work, but the glue she had there wasn't working well either.  Hmmm.  What to do???  Give them to mom, she'll finish them up.  Not really!  I said "Give them to me, and I will finish them up", because she was trying to get packed to leave for New York City with her family for a short vacation.  So, that is the extend of the card making I can show you right now. 
It's a cute card, and I admit I stole it from Laura, but I just can't show you any of my other creations right now.  I am keeping them under wraps for our catalog Open House next week.  I have been very busy creating the most wonderful cards and decor, but I just am not ready to share any yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  Guess you will have to come back to find out.....or better yet, come to the Open House.  You can RSVP to me anytime.  More information can be found further down on my blog. 
Come back again soon. 
Mary Alice


  1. You are the best mom! I have to admit, my card looks so "plain" when I compare them to your other posts, but a girl has to start somewhere!


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