Salute to the 4th of July

When I arrived at our little get-away last Friday evening, I was told we were invited to a birthday celebration at our neighbors.  Our neighbors, Jan and Doug, both recently retired, and have purchased a new trailer last year to put on the campsite which they have had for over 20 years.  My husband got very well acquainted with them last year, but I have only seen them a couple of times.  My husband, Gary's birthday was June 28 and Jan's birthday was July 1, so they arrived with a cake and ice cream all decorated and addressed to "Happy Birthday Jan, Gary, America and Canada".  I was so surprised at the generosity of these people to include my husband in the birthday celebration.  Because I did not hear of the celebration until I was driving up in my car, so I did not have a card in hand when I arrived, but I made one on Saturday to give to Jan, and she was delighted.  I had to recreate it to share with you to celebrate the United States of America's birthday. 
I know it looks simple, but I spent a long time fussing with this card.  I stamped, I wiped, I colored with markers, I touched up with markers, and on and on and on.  It took me so long to get these little vases filled.  I think this Bright Blossom stamp set is the cutest thing around, but these little flowers take a lot of fussing to get them straight in their vases, and two or three tones is just too much work.  But, the end result is worth the work, and I will continue to pursue perfection.  Horray for the Real Red, Wisper White, and Midnight Muse, with a dash of Gumball Green!  So, I hope you like this simple card, and know that I cannot take the credit for it entirely.  I CASED this card from Cindy Hall and you can see hers here.  Her's was more elaborate, but I loved the idea. 
Hope you liked my card, and have a HIP, HIP, HOORAY KIND OF DAY on this 4th of JULY!

Mary Alice