Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEW June Card Buffet Flyer

It's time to Celebrate Summertime,

and creativity is blooming.

You are invited to our card buffet

on Friday, June 22 from 6:30 to 9:30

and Sunday, June 24 from 3:00 to 6:00.

Stampin Up!'s new catalog arrives June 2, with new stamps, new colors, new stamp pads, and new paper and trims. And exciting new ideas for fabulous cards for our card buffet. Come and make 5 creative cards of your choice for $10, and $2 for each additional card. Over 15 all new cards to choose from. Bring a friend, and you both receive a gift.

Check out our blogs at and, to see the cards we will be offering. Please RSVP by June 18. Hope to see you there.

Mary Bellis        651-353-4594    www.marvelouspossibilities.com

Debby Filiowich 651-231-5923    www.debbysstampinspot.com

Thursday, May 17, 2012

No card buffet, and I have lots of leftovers

For people who do not know me already, I have a story for any subject that may pop into a conversation, or not!  When I think of leftovers, I think of a very old story, which is the background to one of those quotes that only your own family understands.  Many years ago, my mother employed a young woman, who had recently moved to St. Paul, got her own apartment, and a nice job in an office.  She was excited because her parents were going to drive down from Hibbing, way up in northern Minnesota, to have dinner with their daughter in her new apartment.  She was very excited about her dinner that she was going to prepare.  She had to borrow 2 folding chairs from a neighbor, because she only had one chair for her table.  On the day that her parents were coming, it started to snow, and she worried whether the roads would be bad, and prohibit her parents from driving down 4 to 5 hours to visit.  Everyone wished her well, and hoped her parents had left early enough to avoid bad weather and roads.  The following day at work, my mother asked her how the dinner party went, and whether her parents got there safely.  The girl replied that no, unfortunately her parents called, and they turned around and went home.  The roads were treacherous.  She said, "And there I was, with all that Cream of Wheat made".  My mother asked her, "Cream of Wheat? You pre-made Cream of Wheat (which we eat as a hot breakfast cereal, like oatmeal)?  The girl replied, "Well, I did not just have Cream of Wheat.  I had Jello, too!"  So, that has become one of those lines that my family always used for a situation, like a guest did not show up. "So, there I was with all that Cream of Wheat", cracks us up all the time :)
I love leftovers.  I could make a good casserole and eat it all week, sometimes.  But, cancel a card buffet, and you feel you are sitting on a bunch of leftovers.  We have not canceled, just postponed, but somehow I feel a little lost this week, with no particular direction to go. 
So, what I was working on when the decision was made to postpone the card buffet, was a really WOW card that we were going to make at the open of class.  Wanted to step things up a little.  I had so much fun making the first card, I went on to make a second, and a third.  It has been such a fun time in the craft room this week.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I just cannot resist showing off my card. 

This is called an everlasting fold, or perpetual card.  The fun thing is it's like a Jacob's ladder (if you don't know what that is, it's tumbling blocks that are strung together, so they just keep tumbling).  Each time you open this card, a new level is shown.  You are looking at the front panel here, which opens in the middle.  
Second page is shown here, with some cute little summer stamps in the corners.  The opening in this page is just the middle section.

                                                                           The third page opens it's arms to reveal a new message, and some more summer images.  I just love those fish.  I have been using them a lot lately.  This page opens across the middle.
The forth, which you could say is the last page, shows your final message.  But, the fun part is when you open the middle of this page, you are back to page one.  Ta daaa!!                   
This is a view from the top of the standing card.  This card is so much fun to make, and choose paper for, and the stamping possibilities are endless.  If you have a message to get across, or build up to, you certainly have a card that has room for it all.                                                     The idea came from our Stampin' Up! demo meeting a couple months ago.  Cindy LeMire demonstrated and instructed us on making this card.  I went looking for a link for making this card, and found one demonstrated by someone else here.  It was fun to make, and hope you would like to give it a try.  If you do, come to our next card event, and I will teach you how.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and hope you come again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No card buffet for May ;(

Due to an unfortunate scheduling problem, we have decided to cancel the May Card Buffet, and reschedule at a later date.  May dates are very full with family events, so it looks like it will be in June.  We will keep you posted for a new date.  Sorry for those who were coming.

Creative juices flowing freely

Once I got started on Saturday night at the craft table, I could not wait to get up Sunday morning and continue.  Since it was Mother's Day, and I was home alone, I could slip into the craft room, in my PJs, and start creating some more.  With a cup of coffee, and some leftover scraps, I had lots of possibilities for cards to make.  My friend, Kay Kalthoff, had made this card recently, and I just had to case it as it is.  Sweet and simple, but oh, so cute.
With the red, white and blue on the table, I began to create on my own a card that I think would be perfect for someone's summer birthday.  I just love making the red eyelet lace for on the white card.  Then I just added tulips popping out all over.  It was so much fun to make. This card is sure to get served up on our next buffet. 
And, with a little switch to Concord Crush, I came up with a card that is easy and classy.  I got the idea from Kay for the white on white, but could not resist adding that dark contrasting frame.  I thought that adding the rhinestones to the tulips this time, really added the class.  I really have a crush on this card. 

I hope you had a nice Mothers Day.  I know I certainly did.  Eventually, my husband came home from Wisconsin, and we drove up north and met my daughter, Laura, her husband, Tom, and baby Olivia for dinner at one of my favorites, Famous Dave's BBQ.  Mmmm good Mom's day.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and hope you like these summer smooches.  

Wasn't this a nice weekend?

I had such a nice weekend.  I have been busy and running so much lately that I really needed some down time.  My husband went up to our trailer in the woods for the weekend, and I had Friday all to myself.  I wanted to spend some time in the craft room, and I did, except it was to clean.  I have been working so hard to prepare for craft sales, workshops, and swaps, that I had snips and paper, trails of ribbon, and dirty stamps all over the place.  I am not really good about cleaning as I go, because I am kind of an evolutionist.  That means one project leads to another, and a scrap from one card often gets incorporated into the next project, or so.  I have baskets for big scraps and little scraps to my right at all times.  So, Friday was spent cleaning up, and unpacking things from the craft sale, and card buffet of past weekends.  By the time I was done, so was my creative juices. Done!
There was always Saturday. Except on Saturday I set off to run some errands, with coupons and sales flyers in hand.  I was on a mission to find new prescription sunglasses.  The optical shop I headed for was about to close in 5 minutes when I arrived.  Darn!  I took a quick look at the sunglass display, to see if anything peaked my interest enought to come back next week.  I found 3 pair of glasses I really liked right away, so I had the salesgal take a picture of me wearing them, with my phone so I could remember them later.  Forgetting that optical shops tend to close early on Saturdays, I headed to the mall to check out the chain stores for glasses.  The first store (with a newly changed name) had glasses that looked like they came from the dollar store.  I don't think I even put more than 2 on for a try.  Next store had 6 or 8 that were possibilities, so things were looking up.  However, none of them could compare to the first 3 at the store that closed early. The last store I checked was also quite a disappointment.  So, all I came home with was photos on my cell phone of me wearing 10 pair of glasses that all look about the same on the tiny phone screen. 
I ran around for a few more hours shopping, which is something I have not done probably since Christmas.  So, when I came home I was tired and hungry, and did not feel like crafting.  So, I did the next best thing, I started blog hopping and checking out cards online, until I found something that inspired me. 

With renewed creative energy, I hit the craft table about 11:00 pm and made cards for a couple hours.  I pulled out one stamp set, Bright Blossoms, and one pack of designer paper, Summer Smooches. and I got to work. Here is what I came up with that night. 

For my daughter, Laura
For my daughter-in-law, Melissa

These were made for my girls for mother's day.  My own mother has been gone for many years, and now that I am a grandmother to such beautiful children, I want them to know that I think these mothers are very special, too.  I also made up these cards in a birthday version for our card buffet, which is coming up. 
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you liked these summery little cards.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New reflections

New week, new card!  I actually made this card last weekend when I crafted at Kay's house.  This is the card for my demonstrator's swap tonight.  The theme this month is Anything Manly.  For the men in my life, the tree is a great symbol.  I have a family with a lot of strong, handsome men, and this card seemed so fitting.  I just bought this stamp set, Lovely as a Tree, last month, and this is my first attempt at making a card with it.  This stamp set has been around for years, and I have long admired the cards I have seen made with it, and had alot of ideas in my file for cards is wanted to case.  I especially liked this card with the reflection technique.  I checked out a couple of blogs, and watched a video showing how to do this technique, and there are several videos to choose from, and I have to admit I like the results.

I had a lot of practice, as I made about 25 cards, but I probably stamped 40.  You see, when I was stamping I had prepared by measuring out the image, reflection, the height and width of the Framelit I was using, and proceeded to stamp 6 of them on each sheet of paper.  When I went to cut them with the Framelits I discovered that I had done my stamping too close together, and I was only able to cut 4 from the 6 I stamped on each page.  I had to go back and stamp some more, and I had already done the chalking on all of them!!  I won't be doing that again!  From now on I will remember the old carpenter's saying "Measure twice, cut once".  
I stamped the background using a wood grain stamp.  I stamped the tree, and then stamped it again on the plastic sheet that comes with a Stamp-ama-jig.  That image was then flipped over on the paper as a reflection of the tree.  Afterwards I used chalks to add a little color to the sky and water.  I had not used chalks in years, and remembered now how much I love using them.  It's a great alternative to watercoloring. 
I hope the other demonstrators like this card, and will share these new techniques at some of their classes.  I have to thank Patricia Thompson for the beautiful card which I cased from here
Hope you like my version, too.  This card will be included in our card buffet on May 20.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am ready for a new week!

It has been such a busy weekend, I am ready for a new week!  I came home today, laid down for a nap, and slept over 2 hours.  Now, I am ready to tackle a new week.  It has been a fun, busy weekend, but I am glad it is over, and I have nothing pressing on my schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Me (Mary) & Erroll
Sue, & Gary, my husband
Friday, my husband Gary and I, and our old friends, Erroll and Sue, headed out on a new adventure.  We had never done this before, but new we'd have a great time together, and we did.  We went to the 100 mile garage sale through southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  From Red Wing south to Wabasha, MN and across the Mississippi River into Wisconsin and back north to Prescott, WI the towns and countrysides are filled with garage sales.  Everyone puts out their signs with a bouquet of balloons, to identify they are part of the Big Sale.  You could stop in neighborhoods in the towns and walk down the block to a dozen sales, or go off on a dirt road for a mile or two in the country to find a sale (and hope it's not just rusty tools).  We found all kinds of fun things to look at, and a few to buy.  And, we stopped for breakfast in Red Wing, bought cookies at a bake sale, stopped for a cocktail in the Old Bank in Lake City, and for lunch at   
My treasures
an Irish Pub in Wabasha, so it was not all about garage sales. We were supposed to meet up at lunchtime with our Wisconsin friends, who had told us about the sale, but every time we called them to tell them our location and plan a rendezvous, they were always about 2 towns ahead of us.  That was too bad, we never caught up with them.    I did pick up a bunch of practical and useless stuff. One man's junk is another man's treasures. I found my treasures, and so
everyone else.   It was a gorgeous, warm day (I got a little sunburn), and it started to rain as we returned to St. Paul, and a rainbow broke across the sky as we were unloading the car at home.  I just love a good road trip, and we plan to do it again, soon.

Our craft sale set up
Saturday, Debby and I did our craft sale that we have been preparing for for the past couple months.  We had so much made, but like I said before, we had intentions of making more.  We will continue to make more for the future, so some of those plans will come to fruition eventually.  I must admit we were a little disappointed with the poor turnout for the sale.  It was a cold, blustery, rainy day, and not a lot of shoppers came out.  The biggest success was that we met nice people that did come out.  Met other fine crafters, too.  And, we can consider this our trial run :)  We had a nice set up, cute displays, plenty of signs, and we had time to plan for the next sale.  We are planning to take the sale on the road to Marketfest in White Bear Lake this summer for a couple of days.  We are looking for future opportunities, and we will continue to increase our inventory, because we love to craft!!!

And today, Sunday, was the baptism of Olivia Willow LeTourneau, my granddaughter.  It was a lovely service at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, in East Bethel.  When we arrived they were having the blessing of the motorcycles.  I had never seen that before, and there was a nice big turnout. 
Olivia was an angel, as always, and today she really looked the part.  She was christened wearing a gown worn in 1911 by Tom's great-aunt, Margaret, for her baptism.  Tom's sister used the gown for her children, and Tom and Laura were honored to be able to use the gown too.  It was in beautiful condition, too.  My own children were all baptised in the gown that I also wore for my baptism. 

 We went back to their home for a nice luncheon, along with other family members.  And, on the way home I slept in the car for the hour's drive, and then climbed in bed to finish my nap.  I am so glad it is all over, but I had a wonderful time. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and stop by again.  I will share more about crafting next time.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday, May 5, Spring Craft Fair

TODAY, SATURDAY MAY 5th,SPRING CRAFT FAIR Gethsemane United Methodist Church. 7730 Lake Drive, Lino Lakes 9-4. Come see me, Mention this posting and get a gift from me, (while supplies last)

The day is finally here, and there is no time left for crafting more things.  We have so many things made, it is driving me crazy.  This has been so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again.  I still have so many things swimming in my head.  But, there are also things I tried to make that bombed :(  Not everything turns out as well as I imagined. 
Hope to see you there at the sale, if you can come.  If not, I will post photos and tell you more tomorrow. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

I got a Sneak Peak at the new catalogue products from Stampin' Up!

May 1 they released a sneak peak for demonstrators from Stampin' Up!  We have waited, and we have been rewarded!  They have some beautiful new colors for ink and paper, some darling printed papers, and as usual, they have a group of exciting new stamp sets for us.  I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new catalogue coming out June 1.  Do you want a copy too?  Let me know and I will send you one, and we are talking FREE!    I love being a demonstrator with Stampin' Up! because I love getting the products before anyone else can buy them.  I love creating fun new things to show you.  And, I love getting it all at a discount!  You can do it, too.  They just lowered the cost of joining, which is the cost of a starter kit, to $99.  You want to know more?  Ask me, and I would love to share the information with you. 
In the mean time, I have to make up my mind what I want to order now, and what I am willing to wait a month for.  When ever a new catalogue comes out, there is the "I want it all" syndrom that hits me.  I have to wait til the fever subsides, and I can think clearly about what I want now, and what I can wait for.  I don't know why, but I am always drawn to the paper first.  I guess it's like shopping for the fabric first, and finding the pattern later.  That's how I used to sew.  So, first I want the new paper, and then I will decide what stamps will go with it.  Wish me luck!  Oh, and I am going to figure out how to post that new catalogue on my blog, so you can see it, too.  But, I cannot share with you the sneak peak photos, those are just for demonstrators :(  But, I can show you what I can make with them

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can this week get any busier?

I know.  I know!  I have to set limits for myself.  By the time I was done preparing for the craft sale and card buffet class last week, I was exhausted.  My body screams at me!  Then on Sunday, I worked my little part time gig as a sample lady at Target.  I spent the whole day making and sampling quesadillas.  Time flew by, and I came home spent.  And, now this week is even worse.

I still have so many little things I planned on making for the craft sale, but it just does not look like I will have the time.  Not as long as baby Olivia only takes 20 minute naps!  (Today I put a fan in the bedroom hoping the white noise would help her sleep.  No dice!)

I did  manage over the last 2 days to make about 50 little candy favors for the craft sale.  Enough of those done, but I need more candy to finish 6 more I have made.  I love making the candy poppers, but they sure take a lot of folding.  The cute new Petite Purse die is so quick and easy.  I love making them, and they are so much fun to decorate.  

Tonight I headed over to my sister, Pat's house to help make baskets for a fundraiser.  Pat's tennis partner, Sandy Dyer, died of ovarian cancer more than 10 years ago.  The following year, Pat and Sandy's husband organized a tennis tournament at their club as a cancer fundraiser.  They included dinner and a silent auction.  This tournament and auction have continued to grow over the years, and it is now one of the largest tennis tournaments in the upper midwest area.  The fundraiser for the American Cancer Society has been very successful, too.  I do my little part by putting together donations into baskets for the silent auction.  Some people give items, some give money that we spend on items for the baskets, but each tennis team at the club donates a basket.  Lots of work, but I have got it down now so that I can breeze thru making baskets faster than I used to.  But, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with ideas based on random donated items.  I will be back there again on Thursday evening to make more baskets, and hopefully more donations will have come in.  Tonight things were a little sparse.  If you live in the area, stop in for dinner and silent auction (they are free to attend) at Lifetime Fitness in Fridley. 
Friday my husband and I are heading out with friends to spend the day at the 100 mile garage sale that runs on either side of the Mississippi River from Red Wing to Wabasha in Minnesota and up thru the towns on the Wisconsin side of the river, too.  We have never done this trek before, but a couple of our friends have that we are meeting up with.  Not great timing with my busy week, but my Gary needs his time, too.  I will have to let you know how that went.
And, then Saturday, another craft sale, and Sunday, Olivia's baptism.  On Monday,  I can rest.
Hope you are having a good day :)  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another successful Card Buffet

We had another successful card buffet last Saturday, and a few new friends joined us, Betty and Sarah.  I think we had a great card selection, and everyone enjoyed making cards.  I think the flower packet card was the big hit, just about everyone made one.  I really liked that one, too.  In fact, I think I will make up the rest of them for the craft sale coming up next Saturday.  This time I remembered to take a photo of our display, and of Debby.  We forgot that last time. 
Card buffet was ready
Everyone is busy making cards

Debby and Mary

Next month we are going to have a WOW card class.  We are going to make some special, more complicated cards.  It will require some more instructions, but nothing that would overwhelm the maker.  Sometimes, what looks really complicated is really quite simple, once you figure out how to do it.  And, that's were we come in.  We will do all the figuring out, cutting, and will teach everyone how to assemble them.  I am looking forward to that very much.  I hope everyone else does, too. 
Last Friday, I did a craft sale at Willow Ponds, where we hold our card buffet.  Willow Ponds is a senior cottage community, where my friend Debby lives.  They have a wonderful community room we can use for a nominal fee.  We have enjoyed many days of card making or scrapbooking with friends.  We can prepare our own food in the kitchen, and we have been known to lock up our mess, and come back the next day to craft some more.  There we several crafters and bakers from the community that pulled together a little craft sale for Friday afternoon.  The church next door was having a rummage sale, and we hoped our signs would draw a few customers our way too.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and we got walkers, and bikers, and shoppers stopped by all day.  The bake goods sold fast, and they went home early.  Sale started at noon, and about 2:00 somebody came in and told us the rummage sale did not start until 3:00.  So, not much chance of drawing customers from that sale until later.  somebody should have checked that out!  It was a good day for a trial run of the craft sale set up, and I had time to get a few things organized and ready for next Saturday's sale. 
Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Hope you have a great day!