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The craft sales are over! Hooray!

  The craft sales are over, my duty is done, I've packed it all up, Now it's time for some fun.   I cut and I've pasted, I've stamped and I've glued, I made lots of cute stuff, When I was in the mood.    I've cased and created, I searched all the blogs, I thought and I made it, I worked like a dog.    Now, craft sales are over. Great people I met, They ooohed and they aahed, And they shook their heads.   You made all these things? How creative are you? Where do you find the time, to do what you do?   I smiled, and I nodded, As compliments they gave, I don't go to bed, And I work like a slave.   I love all the craft sales, And my girlfriend does, too. I would not change a thing, But, glad it's over with, too.   Now I'll clean, and I'll bake, Trim the house and the tree, I'll go start my shopping, And, knit the blanket for baby.   The craft sales are done, br

Tag, you're it

I guess this is the week for tags.  We sold almost all the tags we had made last weekend, so that is what I felt that I needed to replenish before next weekend's craft sale.  This is the last craft sale of the season, and so I really don't want to make much, and be stuck with it.  Of course, if I am stuck with it, then I will have it made, so I will use it.  It's a win win situation.  I don't feel like I accomplished much this week, so far, but I have my reasons.  I got a new die for my Big Shot right before Thanksgiving, that makes little rosettes.  I made the cutest little turkeys that I put on top of licorice sticks, and I loved making them.  So, I wanted to make rosettes, so I mass produced a bunch on Monday, and made them in to tags for Christmas presents.  On Tuesday, I wanted to make a big ornament with the Ornamental Keepsakes stamps and Framelits.  I stamped out the ornaments I needed for the big decoration, but before heading to the Big Shot I stamped a bunc

Something to wine about

Yesterday I was selling my goods at a boutique that my sister, Kathy, and some of her friends organized.  This was the fourth year for the Home for the Holidays Boutique, and I was very impressed with the turnout of customers.  We were tickled that we had new customers who came just because they saw our signs on the street.  That's always nice.  I sold a lot of stuff, and I am happy for that, but not so happy because I have to get busy and make more stuff for a two day sale next weekend.  That will be the last sale of the season.  Yippee!!  It's funny how you never know quite what will sell at any craft sale, and sometimes you sell a bunch of something, and you make more to replace it, and then they don't sell at the next sale.  Boy, every one is different.  So, as we get closer to Christmas, we have been selling boxed card sets, and tags.  So today I have been working on some wine tags.  I have not made any of these before, but promised that we would have one for our Tag