Sunday, December 9, 2012

The craft sales are over! Hooray!

The craft sales are over,
my duty is done,
I've packed it all up,
Now it's time for some fun.
I cut and I've pasted,
I've stamped and I've glued,
I made lots of cute stuff,
When I was in the mood. 
I've cased and created,
I searched all the blogs,
I thought and I made it,
I worked like a dog. 
Now, craft sales are over.
Great people I met,
They ooohed and they aahed,
And they shook their heads.
You made all these things?
How creative are you?
Where do you find the time,
to do what you do?
I smiled, and I nodded,
As compliments they gave,
I don't go to bed,
And I work like a slave.
I love all the craft sales,
And my girlfriend does, too.
I would not change a thing,
But, glad it's over with, too.
Now I'll clean, and I'll bake,
Trim the house and the tree,
I'll go start my shopping,
And, knit the blanket for baby.
The craft sales are done,
bring on some Christmas fun!
dedicated to my extremely clever friend, Debby
without her, I never would have done these sales,
 and she always challenges me to be creative
We did the final sale this weekend, at the Andover Community Center.  I should say that Debby did the sale, I was just there to help with set up and clean up, due to other obligations this weekend. 
Today the sale was hampered by winter weather.  They were scheduled to close up at 4:00, but because of bad driving conditions, many crafters packed up early.  The promoter said that he would not hold it against anybody who left early.  I had just left the sale, to head to a family dinner on the other side of the city.  When I got out on the roads, conditions were horrible.  I pulled over and called my husband to see if the party was still on.  He said everybody was cancelling, not wanting to drive. 
I turned around and went back to the sale, and packed up.  After loading our cars, through deep snowy parking lots, we were soaked through our jackets.  The drive home was slow, as I followed the triple truck snow plow parade on the freeway for a while.  The trucks headed west as I went east at a split, and I never saw a plowed road again.  What normally takes 25 minutes to drive took and hour, and I was glad to arrive home safe and sound. 
I needed some quiet-down time, so I thought I would blog a little, and share some photos of our winter wonderland.  My husband is glad I'm back home, and how he goes out to try his new snow blower he bought last week.  Lucky guy :)
 So, here's to the blizzard!  Glad I am home! 
I think I'll watch a Hallmark Holiday movie, and work on the Christmas stocking that I am making. 
Have a great weekend.
Mary Alice

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tag, you're it

I guess this is the week for tags.  We sold almost all the tags we had made last weekend, so that is what I felt that I needed to replenish before next weekend's craft sale.  This is the last craft sale of the season, and so I really don't want to make much, and be stuck with it.  Of course, if I am stuck with it, then I will have it made, so I will use it.  It's a win win situation. 
I don't feel like I accomplished much this week, so far, but I have my reasons.  I got a new die for my Big Shot right before Thanksgiving, that makes little rosettes.  I made the cutest little turkeys that I put on top of licorice sticks, and I loved making them.  So, I wanted to make rosettes, so I mass produced a bunch on Monday, and made them in to tags for Christmas presents. 
On Tuesday, I wanted to make a big ornament with the Ornamental Keepsakes stamps and Framelits.  I stamped out the ornaments I needed for the big decoration, but before heading to the Big Shot I stamped a bunch of small ornaments, so I could be cutting several sizes and styles with each pass through the Big Shot.  No sense in cranking that baby for one ornament at a time.  I made the big fancy ornament for a gift exchange on Tuesday evening.  Our Stampin' Up demonstrator's group had a gift exchange at our party, and we each had to decorate a jar, or tin, or canister, and put something in it.  I actually decorated a coffee can with the ornament on top, and a snack mix that I made inside.  (I forgot to take a photo, but Kay will post them on her blog in a couple days, and I can show you then.)  So, that was Tuesday afternoon during nap time.  The little ornament pieces I punched are waiting for assembly.

When I came home Tuesday night, I was kind of wound up, so I headed to the craft room, and pulled out some scraps of paper that I had put aside after our album class last week.  I thought these scraps would be perfect to make the folded star ornaments, so I sat and folded a bunch of those stars, and assembled them.  During nap time today, I stamped the end pieces, and decided to add "to and from" to one end so you could tie them on a package.  They turned out cute.  I love making those  stars, and thought about the beautiful origami set that Santa Clause brought me when I was about 11 yrs.  It had beautiful Japanese paper.  I think I will look for a set like that for my granddaughter for Christmas. 
Tonight after dinner I sat down with my punches and started playing around trying to come up with a Santa that I could put on top of candy packs for the sale.  I moved on to a snowman when I was not coming up with a Santa to my liking.  I went from making a snowman head to making a full snowman, and he is a telescoping style snowman.  He ended up as a gift tag, and I made about 20 of those.  They were fun, but once again a lot of putsy work. 
I feel like I am getting nowhere fast this week.  I guess I just can't keep it simple.  Everything I make turns in to a big production, a bunch of time, and not very cost effective for a craft sale, because I spend more time than I could ever get paid for!  LOL!  Like I do it for the money!! LOL!  I do it for the LOVE!
So I guess I could add a couple challenges into my projects, and I found a couple that apply. 
 SUO Challenge #59 says KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM, and I think the folding stars are just right for the challenge.  CAS-ual Fridays #80 is looking for gift tags, and I have got them.  Jingle Belles says ANYTHING (Holiday) GOES, and so does Crafty Boots Challenges.   So, take that!! challenges. I have gotcha covered.
So, even though I am up to my ears in crafty projects, I just had to get a few more Christmas things made for this sale.  Things I really enjoy making.  For next week the focus must shift.  The door to the craft room may even close.  I have cleaning, and shopping and baking to do.  I have knitting, and sewing, wrapping to do.  I have company coming, and a tree to trim, and a house to decorate.  Christmas is only 20 days away!!
But, I still have crafts to do tomorrow.  Come back and see. 
Mary Alice

Monday, December 3, 2012

Something to wine about

Yesterday I was selling my goods at a boutique that my sister, Kathy, and some of her friends organized.  This was the fourth year for the Home for the Holidays Boutique, and I was very impressed with the turnout of customers.  We were tickled that we had new customers who came just because they saw our signs on the street.  That's always nice.  I sold a lot of stuff, and I am happy for that, but not so happy because I have to get busy and make more stuff for a two day sale next weekend.  That will be the last sale of the season.  Yippee!! 
It's funny how you never know quite what will sell at any craft sale, and sometimes you sell a bunch of something, and you make more to replace it, and then they don't sell at the next sale.  Boy, every one is different.  So, as we get closer to Christmas, we have been selling boxed card sets, and tags.  So today I have been working on some wine tags.  I have not made any of these before, but promised that we would have one for our Tag Class next Saturday, and wanted to work up a design.  So, I made 4 styles, and have to decide which will make it to our class.  Would love to have your vote on this. 

 I made four tags, each with it's own special flare and a toast added, too.  I just kind of liked the idea of adding a special message in the form of a Christmas toast.  I googled them, and printed them in colors to match my paper.  I had so much fun making these, and I hope they sell well at next weekend's sale.  I think I went over the top with embellishments, but can you every have too much glitz and glamour when it comes to wrapping a Christmas gift?  And, this certainly will need no further wrapping to present to someone. 
Stop by tomorrow, and see what else I have been tinkering with for Christmas.  And, don't forget to tell me which wine tag you like best.
Before I go, I thought I would mention the title of today's blog.  I have been talking about wine, but what I really wanted to do was whine.  Here's my story in brief.  I wanted to upload photos to my blog the other day, and when I uploaded them to Picasa Web album to edit for the blog, Picasa told me that I was out of storage space, and that I would have to buy more.  Buy more space!!??  I thought not, and decided that I would do like I do for my camera's SD card when I run out of space......I delete.  So, I went to my albums, and started to delete old photos, or ones that I have already used on my blog.  What I did not realize is that when I did this it would remove any of the pictures on my blog that I removed from the albums!!  When I finished uploading my photos successfully to the blog, and went to view it, I was shocked to find out that I had big black boxes all over my blog where I had removed pictures that were on the sidebars.  Then, I realized they are gone from old posts.  I was so sad, and mad at my stupidity.  Tonight I spent a little time reloading the photos to the sidebars, and maybe someday I will go back and reload to the blog posts.  Maybe it does not matter to many, but it mattered to me.  Even if now many people read my blog, it is still important to me.  It's my blog, and it's as much a journal, or diary, of my crafting and daily life.  So, someday I will fix it, but probably not until after Christmas.  No more whining.
Thanks for stopping today. 
Mary Alice