I have got birds on the brain!!

One I got my new stamp set, Owl Occasions put together I have had so much fun.  It was tough to get the imagination going to begin with.  Sometimes I get a new stamp and think "What was I thinking when I ordered this?"  I guess it's just a bird brain thing. 
Tonight I made a project for our New Holiday Catalog Open House on Thursday, and I have been wanting to make this up before I got all the Hershey Nuggets eaten.  I made a couple of other little candy favors with this great big bag, and I have nibbled on the rest all weekend in my craft room.  So, tonight when I decided to make the little cake, I was left with just enough nuggets with about 5 to spare.  I am afraid that when my 8 year old granddaughter comes here tomorrow, she is going to want to take this home with her.  She had a birthday on July 19 and grandma still has gifts to give her, and this might end up being one of them. 

 It was really quick to make, but I already had looked at the plans for it many times.  Michelle Surette made the first one I saw and you can find it here.  She also has a tutorial on her blog, but I just winged it.  I wrapped each nugget with a strip of paper cut from the Summer Smooches DSP. I just made a paper core, like a round box for inside each layer, that I added to the circle discs.  After assembling the cake stand I stuck each piece of candy to the core with a glue dot, and wrapped with the Calypso Coral ruffled ribbon.  I punched holes in the top disk (which I forgot to do before assembly, and had to remove and glue again).  My little owls with the balloons and party hats and the presents are all from the Owl Occasions set.  The greeting is from the Petite Pairs stamp set.  I actually stuck the top decorated disks to a Tootsie Pop using glue dots.  I added a couple curls made from 1/8" strips of paper wrapped around the sucker handle to make them curl. 

How cute is this idea, and I really have to thank Michelle again for the fabulous idea.  I just had to share this on the blog for any one who is coming to the Open House, just in case the cake does not arrive at the party, you will believe me when I said I made it.  I think I will make a couple of these up for door prizes at a baby shower I am hosting in a few weeks. 
One more thing to say.  When I say I have birds on the brain, I am not kidding.  I have a pet cockateil.  Her name is Snowflake, and she was really a pest this weekend.  I was home, and spending all my time back in my craft room (a former bedroom), and she knew I was here in the house, because she could hear me of course.  She is usually pretty cool about being left alone, and when we are not around the living room/ dining room area where her cage is, she just stays in her cage.  But this weekend she just whined.  She will sit on her cage and go "Cheep" in about 5 second intervals in the loneliest voice.  It drove me crazy!!!  It was either cover her up, or bring her back with me to the craft room, where she will nibble every piece of paper and ribbon she can get her beak on.  So the only way to keep her from eating everything is to keep her on my shoulder, or on the back of my chair.  She likes to walk down my arm and sit on my hand so she can see what I am doing.  If I am snipping or punching she goes "snip, snip, snip" with her beak.  If I would eat an M&M (my power pills when I am working), she is right up to my face to see me eat. 
She is such a funny bird, and I never thought when my son bought the bird for his daughter, who was 3 years old,  that we would every enjoy her.  She is the first pet we have ever had, because of allergies to cats and dogs.  She stayed with us when Dave and Emily moved away to an apartment, where they cannot have pets.  Someday, when they have their own home, Snowflake may go to live with them.  But, we are her flock, and she is part of our family, and will be hopefully for the next 50 years (they live that long!).  So, my crafty little bird was watching my every move while I worked on my owl cards yesterday. 
Thanks for stopping by today, come again soon :)

Mary Alice


  1. This is a really creative project, I just love it! And your bird is so sweet!

  2. That came out so cute!!!!! They do work up fast! Thanks for the shout-out too!

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