Anniversary to remember

Last Sunday was my daughter, Laura and her husband, Tom's wedding anniversary.  It was so hot over the weekend, and we were all spending most of the time inside our trailers with the airconditioners on to survive the 100 degree heat spell in Wisconsin.  I went down to my friend, Debby's trailer to do a little stamping, and I knew that one of the things I wanted to get made was the anniversary card for the kids, while they were not around.  I no sooner got settled and my husband came knocking at the door asking if I wanted to go to the beach with them.  I laughed them off, because I have not put a swimsuit on in about 12 years, and I knew that it was just a courtesy that they would even ask me to go along.  Well, after they left I came up with the idea for this card.  I wanted to make a card to commemorate the anniversary that they spent cooped up in the trailer all day.  So, I ran over to their trailer and peeked in the window to see what color the walls and curtain valances were in their trailer, so I could duplicate it on the card.  (I know!  I know!  I have been in the trailer many times, but how often can you remember what color the walls and curtains are in somebody elses home?)  I found paper in my stash that somewhat resembled the colors in the trailer, and added the little wooden fan-shaped trim piece on their valance. The paper is old and long retired from SU.   I used the Lovely as a Tree stamp set, and sponged a little color, adding bright yellow in the sky to remind them of all that hot sunshine.  We took them out for a nice dinner so nobody had to cook in that heat, and I enjoyed it as much as they did.  I know they got a little laugh out of this anniversary card, and I hope it inspired you a little bit too.  Come back again soon :)
Mary Alice


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