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The birth of a blog

I have always wanted a place to write, to express my creativity. Today is the new beginning. I love to tell stories, and I love to talk in general. I can start a conversation with a complete stranger, and can find a common interest, and could talk forever. I have a story about just about any subject you can name. My family says I have a memory like a steel trap. I always come up with stories about my family, and they all wonder how I remember all the details, and names, and the littlest things. But, I wish I was better about remembering the names of people I just met. I always joke, and say that my brain got filled up a long time ago with birthdays, and recipes, and song lyrics, etc. and that I just don't have room for any new names. I wish I could compact those files, like on the computer. Even my computer's memory is getting full (and it's only dating back to about 1998, and it still works for me). Well, what prompted me to start this blog is my renewed interest