Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW BRIDE AND GROOM, JILL AND DONNY.  They had an intimate wedding at Como Park in St. Paul last week.  (Como is a lovely old park with lots of formal gardens, a conservatory, a lake, and a zoo.  I love it!  I lived about a half mile from this park when I was about 8 years old.  We would get dressed up in mom's old dresses, hats, and shoes and go to the park to play wedding in the summer.  I always imagined getting married there myself, but I married in December, so no gardens.)  They just had their witnesses, and Jill's daughter attend the wedding, so my sister decided to have a family dinner to celebrate the wedding.  Pat wanted to make it very special. So, on Friday I went over to her house, and we made pretty favors for the table, and planned a nice meal.  Here are some of the cute little favor boxes that we made.  These little square boxes were an idea that I found on several sites, but the best tutorial was from Lee Ann Greff here.  This pretty pagoda style box was so easy to make using the Petite Purse die for Big Shot.  My sister and I had the best time rking on these.  We used paper from KC&Co, that had the cutest two sided prints, so we could coordinate the two sides of the boxes without any trouble.   It was really nice that she had a tablet of coordinated paper on hand.
 But, she's one of my crafty sisters, so I would expect no less.  We had lots of choices in her stash.  Same goes for the ribbon.  My sister's daughter, Elizabeth had hair to her ankles when she was a little girl!! Yes! And it was braided every day, usually with ribbons woven into the braids, then it was brought up into loops so the braids would not hang too long.  She was known as Lizzie with the long hair.  So, after having 5 sons, Pat had a daughter, and she was such a girly girl even with all those big brothers.  Now, she's a tough young woman who plays on a hurling team, which is one of the toughest field
games ever.  She's left those ribbons behind! 
I went back today to help with preparations for the family's wedding dinner.  Pat and I made a lovely raspberry  torte wedding cake that is an old family favorite.  I could not resist getting my hands into making another wedding cake, even though Pat could have handled this herself.  I am usually the wedding cake maker in the family.
The house was so festive looking, especially the dining room.  The table was set with the best white linen tablecloth, her beautiful wedding china, my grandmothers crystal glassware, her wedding silverware, deep pink roses with baby's breath, and our beautiful little favor boxes filled with fine chocolates from our favorite Regina's Chocolates in St. Paul.  She prepared a wonderful meal with grilled lamb and beef steaks and all the fresh garden vegetables, and assorted salads.  When family arrived, champagne was poured, appetizers were set out, and I hit the road.  I was so hungry after nibbling all day, I headed for Taco Bell!!  That was terrible :(
Donny and Jill are a lovely couple, and I was happy to be a part of this little celebration, even if it was behind the scenes, so to speak.  My sisters and I have done these favors for each other through many a wedding preparation or party.  That is what is great about sisters.  I will get to be the guest at the celebration in about 5 weeks when they have planned a big wedding reception. 
Hope you liked my little boxes, and hope you had a wonderful weekend, too. 
Come again soon.

Mary Alice