A pair of Perfectly Preserved pears

This is my pair of Perfectly Preserved pears made with Nuggets.  The very first thing I made with this set was to make these little treat jars.  I just knew I had to make a 3D jar, because that jar just speaks to me.  I used to do a lot of canning, and pears was one of my favorites things to put up.  They are fun to pack in the jars, too, because they slip together so easily in the jar.
I used some of that little pear printed paper from Orchard Harvest DSP to wrap four Nuggets to pack in my little jars.  I made a little 3 sided box with a strip of paper 4 1/2" by 1 1/2" wide that I folded 1/4" in on either side lengthwise.  Then I folded  it twice at 1 1/2" and 3" so both the sides and bottom of the box are 1 1/2".  I punched the oval on the the two jars, then glued them front and back to my little box.  I put the nuggets in the jar, and took a 2" strip of matching paper for the jar topper, and folded it over the top of the nuggets and glued it to either side jar, so that the nuggets don't fall out of the top.  I added a ribbon, which also hold the top nugget in place.  A little tag that says Just for You makes this little jar all ready to gift.  This was one of the projects that Kay Kalthoff chose to demonstrate at our workshop last weekend.  Kay made a video demonstrating how to make it that you can find on her blog here.  Everybody enjoyed making this, and I was tickled that they all liked it so well.  Hope you liked it too.

Kay also designed a card with the Perfectly Preserved Bundle for the workshop.  It's quick and easy, but just homey and sweet, and I heard that it was a design from Mary Fish.  It reminds me of a jar used for a vase in grandma's kitchen with the gingham plaid oilcloth tablecloth, and all the flowers that we would pick out in the field by her country home.  My grandmother always had huge gardens, and you always took a walk through the garden and gathered things we would use for our meal.  I also remember that she would make up a jar of nectar for us kids.  We were used to KoolAid at home, but grandma had a syrup from Watkins Spice Co. that made a flavored drink she called Nectar.  It helped that well water taste much better to us city kids.  Grandma passed away about 15 years before we had to move Grandpa to a nursing home.  I helped my father clean out the house, and I had to look carefully through every drawer, envelope, and container, because my grandfather with Alzheimer's was hiding things like money all over the house.  In the cabinet in the dining room I found a peanut butter jar, with a piece of paper in it that read "Joe, you keep your hands off my garden and egg money".  It must have been where she kept the proceeds of the sale of eggs and produce she sold in her produce stand at the side of the road by her house.  I thought it very sweet that the jar was still there, but the money wasn't :)
I'm thinking about going to the fair today, for a little while.  But, I started a very strict diet this week, and there is just so much tempting foods there that I know I can't resist.  I just don't think I can help myself, so I might have to stay home, unless I can find somebody with great willpower to be my guiding conscience to go with me. 
Have a great weekend.
Mary Alice


  1. I just found your blog. Congrats on the retirement and upcoming new little one in the family. I love your cards and the stories that go with them.
    I can relate to searching through draws and cupboards cause last year I had to go through my parents house after my dad died and mom had to be put into a care facility. She has alzheimer's so there were things in CRAZY places.


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