Can you can? I can!

So, my card today is about as close to canning as I have been in years.  I did this card with the Perfectly Preserved stamp set, and I think it's a whole lot more fun to can paper apples that to make homemade applesauce.  I got the idea to make some 3D fruits and veggies with the Framelits and Stamps that match.  I even gave the cap on the jar a little 3D effect with a ruffle. 
I used to have 2 large gardens, and by this time of year, when produce was abundant, I would be putting up fruits and vegetables all the time.   I had a house full of young children, because I did day care for 20 years, and there was never time during the day, so I would can in the evening, often very late.  I remember calling the produce store in downtown St. Paul, Eisenberg's Fruit Co., to check and see if they had cases of peaches or pears, or berries on special, or at a reasonable price.  Sometimes the price went way down when they had ripe fruit that needed to be sold, but was perfect for canning.  I would have my husband stop and buy cases for my sisters and I to can.  Sometimes my sisters and I would get together and do the canning, so that we could keep the production going quickly with one peeling, another stuffing jars, and the 2 canning kettles constantly rotating jars in and out.  That was fun.  No really, it was :)  Today my husband manages to put in one garden, with enough to feed the family, and hand off a few to the neighbors, and the deer and rabbits eat some, but I don't can any more.  I was surprised today when my husband came to me and said, "Here, taste the pickles I made!"  EEeeuuuhh!  He's been experimenting again was my reaction.  But, the pickle looked good, so I gave it a taste and was surprised to find it was pretty good.  I asked where he got the recipe, and he said he sliced fresh cucumbers into the juice that was left from the bread and butter pickles two days ago.  Not bad, not very flavorful, but not bad.  I had to laugh, because he likes to think he's pretty clever.  Wish he would have asked me, I could have given him a recipe to make some good pickles, but he did it on his own, and I went back for seconds. 
Have a peachy day, and come back again, real soon.

Mary Alice