Wasn't this a nice weekend?

I had such a nice weekend.  I have been busy and running so much lately that I really needed some down time.  My husband went up to our trailer in the woods for the weekend, and I had Friday all to myself.  I wanted to spend some time in the craft room, and I did, except it was to clean.  I have been working so hard to prepare for craft sales, workshops, and swaps, that I had snips and paper, trails of ribbon, and dirty stamps all over the place.  I am not really good about cleaning as I go, because I am kind of an evolutionist.  That means one project leads to another, and a scrap from one card often gets incorporated into the next project, or so.  I have baskets for big scraps and little scraps to my right at all times.  So, Friday was spent cleaning up, and unpacking things from the craft sale, and card buffet of past weekends.  By the time I was done, so was my creative juices. Done!
There was always Saturday. Except on Saturday I set off to run some errands, with coupons and sales flyers in hand.  I was on a mission to find new prescription sunglasses.  The optical shop I headed for was about to close in 5 minutes when I arrived.  Darn!  I took a quick look at the sunglass display, to see if anything peaked my interest enought to come back next week.  I found 3 pair of glasses I really liked right away, so I had the salesgal take a picture of me wearing them, with my phone so I could remember them later.  Forgetting that optical shops tend to close early on Saturdays, I headed to the mall to check out the chain stores for glasses.  The first store (with a newly changed name) had glasses that looked like they came from the dollar store.  I don't think I even put more than 2 on for a try.  Next store had 6 or 8 that were possibilities, so things were looking up.  However, none of them could compare to the first 3 at the store that closed early. The last store I checked was also quite a disappointment.  So, all I came home with was photos on my cell phone of me wearing 10 pair of glasses that all look about the same on the tiny phone screen. 
I ran around for a few more hours shopping, which is something I have not done probably since Christmas.  So, when I came home I was tired and hungry, and did not feel like crafting.  So, I did the next best thing, I started blog hopping and checking out cards online, until I found something that inspired me. 

With renewed creative energy, I hit the craft table about 11:00 pm and made cards for a couple hours.  I pulled out one stamp set, Bright Blossoms, and one pack of designer paper, Summer Smooches. and I got to work. Here is what I came up with that night. 

For my daughter, Laura
For my daughter-in-law, Melissa

These were made for my girls for mother's day.  My own mother has been gone for many years, and now that I am a grandmother to such beautiful children, I want them to know that I think these mothers are very special, too.  I also made up these cards in a birthday version for our card buffet, which is coming up. 
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you liked these summery little cards.


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