I am ready for a new week!

It has been such a busy weekend, I am ready for a new week!  I came home today, laid down for a nap, and slept over 2 hours.  Now, I am ready to tackle a new week.  It has been a fun, busy weekend, but I am glad it is over, and I have nothing pressing on my schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Me (Mary) & Erroll
Sue, & Gary, my husband
Friday, my husband Gary and I, and our old friends, Erroll and Sue, headed out on a new adventure.  We had never done this before, but new we'd have a great time together, and we did.  We went to the 100 mile garage sale through southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  From Red Wing south to Wabasha, MN and across the Mississippi River into Wisconsin and back north to Prescott, WI the towns and countrysides are filled with garage sales.  Everyone puts out their signs with a bouquet of balloons, to identify they are part of the Big Sale.  You could stop in neighborhoods in the towns and walk down the block to a dozen sales, or go off on a dirt road for a mile or two in the country to find a sale (and hope it's not just rusty tools).  We found all kinds of fun things to look at, and a few to buy.  And, we stopped for breakfast in Red Wing, bought cookies at a bake sale, stopped for a cocktail in the Old Bank in Lake City, and for lunch at   
My treasures
an Irish Pub in Wabasha, so it was not all about garage sales. We were supposed to meet up at lunchtime with our Wisconsin friends, who had told us about the sale, but every time we called them to tell them our location and plan a rendezvous, they were always about 2 towns ahead of us.  That was too bad, we never caught up with them.    I did pick up a bunch of practical and useless stuff. One man's junk is another man's treasures. I found my treasures, and so
everyone else.   It was a gorgeous, warm day (I got a little sunburn), and it started to rain as we returned to St. Paul, and a rainbow broke across the sky as we were unloading the car at home.  I just love a good road trip, and we plan to do it again, soon.

Our craft sale set up
Saturday, Debby and I did our craft sale that we have been preparing for for the past couple months.  We had so much made, but like I said before, we had intentions of making more.  We will continue to make more for the future, so some of those plans will come to fruition eventually.  I must admit we were a little disappointed with the poor turnout for the sale.  It was a cold, blustery, rainy day, and not a lot of shoppers came out.  The biggest success was that we met nice people that did come out.  Met other fine crafters, too.  And, we can consider this our trial run :)  We had a nice set up, cute displays, plenty of signs, and we had time to plan for the next sale.  We are planning to take the sale on the road to Marketfest in White Bear Lake this summer for a couple of days.  We are looking for future opportunities, and we will continue to increase our inventory, because we love to craft!!!

And today, Sunday, was the baptism of Olivia Willow LeTourneau, my granddaughter.  It was a lovely service at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, in East Bethel.  When we arrived they were having the blessing of the motorcycles.  I had never seen that before, and there was a nice big turnout. 
Olivia was an angel, as always, and today she really looked the part.  She was christened wearing a gown worn in 1911 by Tom's great-aunt, Margaret, for her baptism.  Tom's sister used the gown for her children, and Tom and Laura were honored to be able to use the gown too.  It was in beautiful condition, too.  My own children were all baptised in the gown that I also wore for my baptism. 

 We went back to their home for a nice luncheon, along with other family members.  And, on the way home I slept in the car for the hour's drive, and then climbed in bed to finish my nap.  I am so glad it is all over, but I had a wonderful time. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and stop by again.  I will share more about crafting next time.