Can this week get any busier?

I know.  I know!  I have to set limits for myself.  By the time I was done preparing for the craft sale and card buffet class last week, I was exhausted.  My body screams at me!  Then on Sunday, I worked my little part time gig as a sample lady at Target.  I spent the whole day making and sampling quesadillas.  Time flew by, and I came home spent.  And, now this week is even worse.

I still have so many little things I planned on making for the craft sale, but it just does not look like I will have the time.  Not as long as baby Olivia only takes 20 minute naps!  (Today I put a fan in the bedroom hoping the white noise would help her sleep.  No dice!)

I did  manage over the last 2 days to make about 50 little candy favors for the craft sale.  Enough of those done, but I need more candy to finish 6 more I have made.  I love making the candy poppers, but they sure take a lot of folding.  The cute new Petite Purse die is so quick and easy.  I love making them, and they are so much fun to decorate.  

Tonight I headed over to my sister, Pat's house to help make baskets for a fundraiser.  Pat's tennis partner, Sandy Dyer, died of ovarian cancer more than 10 years ago.  The following year, Pat and Sandy's husband organized a tennis tournament at their club as a cancer fundraiser.  They included dinner and a silent auction.  This tournament and auction have continued to grow over the years, and it is now one of the largest tennis tournaments in the upper midwest area.  The fundraiser for the American Cancer Society has been very successful, too.  I do my little part by putting together donations into baskets for the silent auction.  Some people give items, some give money that we spend on items for the baskets, but each tennis team at the club donates a basket.  Lots of work, but I have got it down now so that I can breeze thru making baskets faster than I used to.  But, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with ideas based on random donated items.  I will be back there again on Thursday evening to make more baskets, and hopefully more donations will have come in.  Tonight things were a little sparse.  If you live in the area, stop in for dinner and silent auction (they are free to attend) at Lifetime Fitness in Fridley. 
Friday my husband and I are heading out with friends to spend the day at the 100 mile garage sale that runs on either side of the Mississippi River from Red Wing to Wabasha in Minnesota and up thru the towns on the Wisconsin side of the river, too.  We have never done this trek before, but a couple of our friends have that we are meeting up with.  Not great timing with my busy week, but my Gary needs his time, too.  I will have to let you know how that went.
And, then Saturday, another craft sale, and Sunday, Olivia's baptism.  On Monday,  I can rest.
Hope you are having a good day :)  Thanks for stopping by.