No card buffet, and I have lots of leftovers

For people who do not know me already, I have a story for any subject that may pop into a conversation, or not!  When I think of leftovers, I think of a very old story, which is the background to one of those quotes that only your own family understands.  Many years ago, my mother employed a young woman, who had recently moved to St. Paul, got her own apartment, and a nice job in an office.  She was excited because her parents were going to drive down from Hibbing, way up in northern Minnesota, to have dinner with their daughter in her new apartment.  She was very excited about her dinner that she was going to prepare.  She had to borrow 2 folding chairs from a neighbor, because she only had one chair for her table.  On the day that her parents were coming, it started to snow, and she worried whether the roads would be bad, and prohibit her parents from driving down 4 to 5 hours to visit.  Everyone wished her well, and hoped her parents had left early enough to avoid bad weather and roads.  The following day at work, my mother asked her how the dinner party went, and whether her parents got there safely.  The girl replied that no, unfortunately her parents called, and they turned around and went home.  The roads were treacherous.  She said, "And there I was, with all that Cream of Wheat made".  My mother asked her, "Cream of Wheat? You pre-made Cream of Wheat (which we eat as a hot breakfast cereal, like oatmeal)?  The girl replied, "Well, I did not just have Cream of Wheat.  I had Jello, too!"  So, that has become one of those lines that my family always used for a situation, like a guest did not show up. "So, there I was with all that Cream of Wheat", cracks us up all the time :)
I love leftovers.  I could make a good casserole and eat it all week, sometimes.  But, cancel a card buffet, and you feel you are sitting on a bunch of leftovers.  We have not canceled, just postponed, but somehow I feel a little lost this week, with no particular direction to go. 
So, what I was working on when the decision was made to postpone the card buffet, was a really WOW card that we were going to make at the open of class.  Wanted to step things up a little.  I had so much fun making the first card, I went on to make a second, and a third.  It has been such a fun time in the craft room this week.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I just cannot resist showing off my card. 

This is called an everlasting fold, or perpetual card.  The fun thing is it's like a Jacob's ladder (if you don't know what that is, it's tumbling blocks that are strung together, so they just keep tumbling).  Each time you open this card, a new level is shown.  You are looking at the front panel here, which opens in the middle.  
Second page is shown here, with some cute little summer stamps in the corners.  The opening in this page is just the middle section.

                                                                           The third page opens it's arms to reveal a new message, and some more summer images.  I just love those fish.  I have been using them a lot lately.  This page opens across the middle.
The forth, which you could say is the last page, shows your final message.  But, the fun part is when you open the middle of this page, you are back to page one.  Ta daaa!!                   
This is a view from the top of the standing card.  This card is so much fun to make, and choose paper for, and the stamping possibilities are endless.  If you have a message to get across, or build up to, you certainly have a card that has room for it all.                                                     The idea came from our Stampin' Up! demo meeting a couple months ago.  Cindy LeMire demonstrated and instructed us on making this card.  I went looking for a link for making this card, and found one demonstrated by someone else here.  It was fun to make, and hope you would like to give it a try.  If you do, come to our next card event, and I will teach you how.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and hope you come again.