Creative juices flowing freely

Once I got started on Saturday night at the craft table, I could not wait to get up Sunday morning and continue.  Since it was Mother's Day, and I was home alone, I could slip into the craft room, in my PJs, and start creating some more.  With a cup of coffee, and some leftover scraps, I had lots of possibilities for cards to make.  My friend, Kay Kalthoff, had made this card recently, and I just had to case it as it is.  Sweet and simple, but oh, so cute.
With the red, white and blue on the table, I began to create on my own a card that I think would be perfect for someone's summer birthday.  I just love making the red eyelet lace for on the white card.  Then I just added tulips popping out all over.  It was so much fun to make. This card is sure to get served up on our next buffet. 
And, with a little switch to Concord Crush, I came up with a card that is easy and classy.  I got the idea from Kay for the white on white, but could not resist adding that dark contrasting frame.  I thought that adding the rhinestones to the tulips this time, really added the class.  I really have a crush on this card. 

I hope you had a nice Mothers Day.  I know I certainly did.  Eventually, my husband came home from Wisconsin, and we drove up north and met my daughter, Laura, her husband, Tom, and baby Olivia for dinner at one of my favorites, Famous Dave's BBQ.  Mmmm good Mom's day.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and hope you like these summer smooches.