More fishy, fishy, fishes

I could not resist stamping more fish last night with the Just Beachy stamp set.  Just had to try a few more techniques, too.  This time I took out the colored pencils and used a bunch of bright paper scraps I had to make this bright, whimsical card.  I had set out to make some kind of a Fathers Day card, but when I finished I decided that it looked more festive, so I decided it was a birthday card. 

I gave the Fathers Day theme another shot, and changed it up using a little more masculine tones, and not so many bright colors.  I love how this one turned out, too.  Did you notice that I also used my old crimper?  I remember when that used to be my one and only fancy tool, back in the day.  I have probably had it for 15 years or more.  
I know it's time to put this set away, but I don't think I can until I stamp some flipflops, and popsicles.  Think I have a new theme for tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you've got some sunshine tomorrow.  Hope we do too!