An impromptu craft sale!! This Friday!!


FRIDAY, APRIL 26  12:00 TO 6:00

Debby called me today and said they are planning an impromptu Craft Sale at Willow Ponds in the Community room on Friday, April 27 from noon to 6:00.  This is the same location we hold our Card Buffets. 
They decided to do the sale because there is a big garage sale going on at the St. Joseph's Church, which is next door, and they were hoping to pick up a little foot traffic.  I figure that since we are preparing for a craft sale next weekend, we could step it up, and do one on Friday.  YIKES!!  That's 2 days from now.  I have some stuff ready, but you know me......I do my best work under pressure, and at the last minute. 
Wish me luck!
I just want to remind you that you can still sign up for our Card Buffet to be held, Saturday, April 27 from 3:00 to 6:00.  More information is posted on the blog from April 15, 2012.  Hope to see some new faces. 
For now, I have nothing new to post, because today I am packaging cards for the sale.  I may have something new tonight.   Thanks for stopping by today.