Demo meeting past, creative vibes are flowing!

I am so glad I got that demo meeting out of the way earlier this week.  It was a really busy weekend, and I put things off, and boy, was that a big mistake.  Who would know that I would have a very cranky baby on my hands on Monday.  Olivia is always such and easy going baby, so when she started to scream and cry for long periods of time, I was really concerned.  I was checking her out from top to bottom, and could find no reason for the screaming.  So, I held her, and shushed her, and sang to her, but when I got up and started to march and sing McNamara's Band, she quieted down.  My sister said that was because that was when she realized that there was something wrong with the old woman, and that she better assess the situation and try to find out why the old woman was marching and singing loudly.  She figured out if she was quiet and smiled at the old woman she would sit down and be quiet again. LOL!  She showed me!
At the end of the day, I sent the baby home with her mother, and proceeded to gather all the things I needed for the demo meeting, and my card swap, and haphazardly ran out the door, late!  And, when I started to pull things out for my demonstration, and passing out supplies, I realized I left all the ribbon I cut at home.  I had everything I needed for the project sitting together on the table, and checked things off as I packed, but I missed the ribbon. (I found it on the chair pushed up to the table.)  Thankfully I had thrown in the extra spools of ribbon, so I had almost enough and Kay made up the difference.  (I guess I will be thinking of projects to do using up that cut ribbon in the near future.) 
My demonstration went well, but I did spend alot of time circulating the room helping people make flowers, and tie bows.  Kay took videos of my demo, and she will post them on her blog.  I will have to figure out how to post them here someday, but for now I will send you to Kay's blog when she posts them.  What I did was make a rose by punching out a scalloped circle, and cut a spiral to the middle of the circle, like and apple peel.  Then, starting at the middle, I wrap the spiral around a small dowel (I used a little bamboo skewer for appetizers.).  As you wrap it around the dowel it looks like a pine cone, but when I am done wrapping, I set in on the table, and let go of the spiral, and let it relax and unwind some.  Holding down the middle of the spiral, I work the outer layers outward until I get a rose.  I use a glue dot to secure the loose end, and stick the center down on your surface.  I used a pin through the center to secure it to the egg, and eliminated a glue dot to hold the center down.  I think the eggs are simple, once you get the flower done. Hooray!  That's done!
I made a few more eggs to add to my Easter centerpiece.  Aren't they cute!
I seem to have a thing for butterflies these days.  I sure have been cutting out a lot of them with my Big Shot.  I used the butterflies for my demo meeting swap on Monday, too.  When I was at a club meeting a few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I was making any graduation cards at my upcoming card buffet.  I told her that we did not have any this month, but could include some next month.  That is what got me ticking, and I had this idea for a graduation cap being thrown into the air.  I have several stamp sets with swirls in them, and thought of using one for the spiral, throwing effect.  Then the idea of butterflies streaming upward behind the cap gave it the joyful nature I was looking for.  I was very pleased with the cards I made. I started out making them in the local school colors, but also made them with multiple colors. 

 This card has lots of options for colors, but I really liked the black and white with red butterflies best.  This was the card I used for the swap, but we will also be doing this at our April 28 card buffet.
Thanks for stopping by today, and have a nice Easter weekend.