Getting ready is hard work!

Friday is my day off, guaranteed.  I do not do daycare for Olivia, and I do not work as the sample lady at Target, which I sometimes do on Saturdays and Sundays.  This Friday is definitely a work day.  I have to clean the house, call the relatives and firm up dinner plans, get some groceries, and do a little decorating for Easter.  The big question is to do, or not to do Easter baskets for my grown kids.  Kids!  They can buy their own candy, and now that I am retired (hah!), I really should not be spending money on such things.  I think the grandkids are my real focus now. The babies are too young, so I am knitting them spring hats.  Emily is 7, so she definitely gets a basket.  I should really make her a cute something for her basket.  Hmmmm! Wait!  I have to clean.....not craft! 
But, yesterday I spent a little time working out the ideas for the craft sale, and craft weekends coming up in the next few weeks.  I have an idea for making a post-it pad cover.  I want one for the dashboard of my car.  I am always wanting to make a note in the car.  I made a few samples so I could try one in my car.  I found a wonderful removable tape like we used for putting up signs at work.  It's a foam like product that is sticky on both sides, holds very well, and removes completely clean.  We used to even use it on our easel sign that went outside, and things never blew off.  So, I am going to put my experimental pad on the dashboard, and see if it is affected by the wind blowing in the windows or fans.  Hope it works.  I put a big button on the front cover to give it some weight in the wind.  Otherwise I have some other ideas for closures.  Now, no more crafts until after Easter!!  Unless I get a few minutes at the sewing machine to make a quick table runner :)
Thanks for stopping by today, and have a marvelous holiday weekend.  Hope the eggs don't get wet!


  1. Ooops . . . I thought I was on Debby's blog! lol! Let me rephrase . . . these are AWESOME, Mary!!


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