Getting ready for Easter.....NOT!

Getting ready to entertain for the holidays is never my favorite thing to do.  I like entertaining, the food is good, and the company is great!  It's the cleaning before and after I don't like.  I used to belong to a group that rotated meetings at each member's house.  I would always sign up to host the meeting the week before a major holiday.  Some people used to shy away from those dates, because it was too close to the holiday, but not me.  It was my excuse to get my house cleaned really good the week before the holiday.  My house always has to be cleaned "really good".  I am a real clutter bug.  Creative people usually are, because we have craft activities all over the place.  No matter where you go, to sit or to work in my house, there is always a project in progress.  In the kitchen it may be a pile of cookbooks, or ingredients left out, in the bedroom it is laundry to be washed or put away, in the family room, it is the sewing projects by the sewing machine. By my chair in the living room I have my Kindle for reading or games, I have my knitting (2 projects), books with crafting ideas, and stuff for the baby.  And in my computer room there are piles of papers, ie: work related, or recipes, patterns, craft ideas printed. 
And, then there is the craft room......which is always in a state of disarray.  I sit at my table with stuff all around me.  Big shot in the middle of the table for this week's projects, scraps to the right of me, paper to the left of me.  Cutters, scorers, ink pads on chair to the right of me, tote box with stamp sets on the floor to the left of me.  Bags with new products hang on the doorknobs, stacks all around me. 
I need to straighten this room up, because I use the table for extra seating for Easter dinner.  The ladies usually migrate in to this room to eat, because we are last to eat, and find a seat, and because it is in a bedroom, it is actually far enough away from the kitchen that we can relax a bit and eat and talk before we go back to start clean up. 
Where do I begin to make sense of this chaos?  On Tuesday I went in to clean, and instead I made a few more of the graduation cards.  Everything was sitting there.  I decided to cut and prepare more butterflies, because the Big Shot and die were sitting there, and caps because I still had my marker on the diagonal cutter.  I put together some of the things for making this card at our card buffet.  I started to look through the cards I got from the swap Monday night.  Great cards, and more ideas for my card buffet.  I pulled out the cards from the Milwaukee Regionals, and organized them all into a box of cards that I would definitely case, some that were maybes, and the no's were put to the back of the box. Those no's will be remade into something useful, or given away.  Nothing goes to waste.  Did I clean?? Hardly!
Wednesday I went in to clean while the baby was napping, and instead I finished a card set that I started a few weeks ago, because everything was sitting there.  I cut some more birds and butterflies, stamped 3 more cards. The flowers made me think about another card to make.  One of my friends on the road trip to Milwaukee had gotten a card with a flower packet in it.  I texted my friend Debby and asked if she thought I could make it for the card buffet, or was it too much?  She said yes, so I started to work up a prototype.  In the evening, I did a little bit more straightening in the craft room and took out the trash!
Thursday I decided to go in and do a little inventory and assessment before cleaning.  I have to decide what supplies I need to order for the card buffet, for a craft weekend in two weeks, and for a craft sale I am doing in a month.  I started to make a list of projects I will definitely do, hope to do, and might do.  I have to get serious!  First the list, and then I will clean............tomorrow! 


  1. Great post! I have to giggle about all the crafting distractions . . . me, too!!! lol!


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