I want first of all to thank all the wonderful people that dropped by the craft sale today.  We met so many lovely people, who were interested in our crafts, and our classes.  That's the best part of doing craft sales, is to meet kindred spirits.  I sure hope some of them stop by our blog, and also sign up for our classes.  We are going to have a good time with new friends.  And, they won't stay strangers for long, because we have a cool bunch of friends who make newcomers feel so welcome.  Thanks again for all that stopped and supported us at the craft sale. 
These are a couple of the candy dishes I made for the craft sale we had yesterday.  I know that I posted one the other day, but I love how these bright bowls turned out.  Wouldn't these be a great treat for the kids, or to put on a co-worker's desk as a surprise.  I remember making a really cute bowl for Halloween last year.  I was so tickled with it, and I took it to work with me.  We opened a brand new store that I was working at, and thought that it would be really special to show off some of my other talents.  I filled it with candy and put it on the break room table, and figured that I would refill it periodically, and everybody would love me for it.   I came to work a couple days later, and the bowl was gone.  When I asked what happened to the bowl, they said that it was empty, so they threw it away.  I thought she was joking, but they did.  I was sad.  I guess you have to be a crafter to appreciate these little things.  I'm so glad that you're a crafter (and I know you are or you wouldn't be reading this), and I hope you like the projects.   Come back again soon, and have a nice Sunday.

Mary Alice