Fabulous fall craft sale

We had a great time at the fall craft sale yesterday, and met a bunch of fine new people.  Hopefully some of them will join us as followers on the blog, or attend our workshops.  Debby and I both enjoyed the day.  It was a wonderful mix of crafts, and flea market finds.  It's been a while since we have done a craft sale, so there was a lot of prep work, and putting together display pieces, but I think overall we did good. 
The cards were very good sellers and of course, that's what we like making best of all.  The Halloween cards were a real hit, so I guess I better get busy and make some this week.  Debby had made some fabulous
Halloween cards, which you can see on her blog here.  

My best seller were the Monster Popcorn holders.  Everyone checked those out and found them delightful.  I will definitely have to make a lot more of those this week.  They are adorable, if I do say so myself.  
Photos thanks to Debby
I focused on more of the decorative items to make.  I really enjoy creating party favors and gifts.  The smell of Hershey nuggets is strong in my craft room.  I really enjoyed making the nugget cakes in Halloween designs.  They were my favorite to make. (Too bad I have to stay away from eating the chocolates.  In the two large bags of nuggets I used in the last couple of weeks, I only ate two.  The funny thing was when I was working on the design for the the project, I had one nugget I was using to trace around to make my design, and count how many I would need for each project.  When I was done using it, it felt squishy, and I thought I should not put it back in the bag for fear that somebody would open a candy full of fingerprints.  So, I ate it.  When I finished wrapping all the nuggets in the bag for my projects, I was short 1 nugget to complete the job!  Oh, karma is a bitch!  I won't do that again.  Ever since that, I have had one piece leftover in each bag of candy I have used.  Yes, karma!  It's just there to tempt me!  I will not be weak!   Sugar is now my heroin, and I must not fall back into that addiction, now that I have kicked the habit.  Oh, Halloween is going to be hell this year.
This week I will be making more new things for the sale next week.  I have some new ones up my sleeve.  Or, should I say, I have things leftover that I did not get done in the past weeks. 
Stop back and check it out.

Mary Alice


  1. Well done on your craft fair. It looks a wonderful display and I think your popcorn monster bags are fabulous. x


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