Domestic Goddess Shower Card

Simple card
Stepped up card

I have a bridal shower to go to today, and I had to make a card.  (Why I did not make more duplicates for the craft show, I don't know.)  I had so much fun making this card.  I love the paper, and bought it just before it was discontinued, and have only delved into it once for a little card.  I knew just what I wanted to do, and that was add an apron to all the household chores in the print.  It started off as a simple idea, but I just got carried away.  I wanted to see certain things like the ironing board, the broom and vacuum, and the iron, but when I put the apron on top, they were too covered.  So I raised the paper, scalloped the end, and exposed a little more yellow.  That fixed it.  Then, the yellow looked too dominate, so I added a yellow bow to the apron.  The apron needed a pocket, (at least all of mine do), but I decided to add an oven mitt instead.  When I went to photograph the card for the blog, it just came out drowning in the print on print.  I decided to "step it up" a little bit.  (I had seen a blog by Joan Robertson last week that does a project called "Step It Up Saturday", where she takes a card and steps it up in three stages.  You can check it out here.)  I went back and added a yellow ruffle to the neck of the apron, like a favorite apron of mine.  I quilted the oven mitt with a little stitching, and attached a clothespin.  Last, I added a few pearls to the greeting, because I could not figure out how to add pearls to the apron. 
I think the card is perfect for the bridal shower, and I hope she likes the gift of a lamp to go with it.  It's hard to shop for brides these days, when they are older, lived independently for years, and owned their own houses.  What do they need?  I found the bridal registry to be very creative, and bought a lamp she selected.  Hope it lasts as long as mine.  I still have two lamps that I got as shower gifts, that I still use after 38 years!!  What can I say, they were brass, a classic.
Enjoy this lovely Sunday, and don't do any domestic chores :)

Mary Alice