Having fun with grandkids, and making cards, too

I am looking forward to another Card Buffet next weekend.  I have not had much time for card making over the last week.  Been so busy with the grandkids, and spending time getting ready for last weekends craft sale that I have not had time for myself.
With school out this week, and day camp not yet started, my granddaughter Emily came to spend the day on Wednesday.  She was excited to be with her little cousin, Olivia, and shortly after arriving she had her on her lap.  Emily said that she could feel a tooth in Olivia's mouth while baby was biting on her finger.  Sure enough, Olivia had got her first tooth, and Emily was the one to find it!  That's exciting!
Emily is showing off Olivia's first tooth.
I did for a bit get the opportunity to get in the craft room on Wednesday with my granddaughter, Emily.  She wanted to make a card for her dad and mom's anniversary.  This is the first card she made that was entirely stamped, and did she stamp.  I put away stamps from 7 different sets.  I did make an anniversary card myself while I was working along side her.  When she saw what I was doing, she wanted to use the stamps I was using.  This is the first time I put my foot down and said "no" in a long time.  I tried to explain to her that when one person is creating a card sometimes you want it to be unique and original, and if she was to take the same stamps I was using and use them on her card, that makes it just a little less special.  I said sometimes it is really fun to copy, which I do all the time.  But, sometimes you just say "no, I don't want you to copy me to give to the same person."  It took a little while, but eventually she understood that what I wanted her to do was create something that was her own original idea, and that that would make it even more special.  I am so sorry that I did not get a photo of her card like I usually do, but I did make a copy of my card, which I am willing to share with you.  I know that we all copy cards (CASE) and I am willing to share my ideas with anyone,  and even my idea was not totally original.  I just loved opening up a whole bunch of stamps sets and let Emily create a big beautiful card for herself. 
This card was made with a much loved, retired stamp set called Valentine Defined, but the greeting inside was from a brand new set called Trust God.  I stamped all of the images in black, and then sponged in a circular rubbing motion with Daffodil Delight, Calypso Coral, then Regal Rose.  I had seen a card done in a similar way long time ago, and always wanted to give this a try.  This was the perfect opportunity for a fast and simple card.  I have to do this more often. I have a bunch of anniversaries, birthdays, as well as Fathers Day (today) to make cards for, so I have worked some of them into the upcoming Card Buffet.  Stop back again tomorrow to see what we will be making next weekend.
Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day! 


  1. Super cute grand kids!!
    And a cute card, too!

  2. emily and olivia are cute!!! I love your cards as well!
    have a blessed day


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