Card for my hubbie

Today is my hubbie, Gary's, birthday, and I wanted to make a special card for him. I have had my eye on this cascade or accordian card for a while, and wanted to try making one. I got the idea from Frenchie Martin who has a wonderful video that you can check out here.,along with some great examples. 
I have had pinwheels on my mind this week, ever since I saw 3 little boys shopping with their mom at Target last Sunday.  They were each holding a pinwheel, and walking behind there mom like little ducks.  There pinwheels were spinning, and their eyes were focused on them. Mom kept turning around to tell the boys to watch where they were going.  I always loved pinwheels, and remember my parents letting us hold them out the car windows.  It was something special that you got at birthday parties, carnivals or the fair.  Or the dimestore, if you were a good girl while mommy shopped.   I need to buy some pinwheels for my grandkids, 'cause they're special!

I used some paper from Comfort Cafe DSP, because it was the most masculine I could find in my current stash of paper.  I then proceeded to make a bunch of pinwheels, and when I put them on the card, they were lost in the print.  I decided that the easiest fix was to add another layer to the pinwheels in a solid color, so the prints did not drown in the other prints.  I added some stamps from Happy You, and Bring on the Cake, and voila!  A simple but impressive card was born!
The card was very easy to make with a couple of folds, and a few slits, and figure out how to slip the two pieces together, and you are good to go.  Only problem I ran into was that I used a two sided paper, which you cut down the middle, and slip together, and when I opened the card up, I had half front and half back side of the paper.  I took it apart, and tried to figure out if I had folded things wrong.  I did not have access to my computer to go back and check with Frenchie, so I decided that I would make due with what I got.  When I was all done, and went back to check Frenchie's video, I realized she made hers with solid cardstock, and added printed layers or stamped on it afterwards.  Oh!  I like mine just fine the way it is.  I added a little Hip Hip Horay, Spoil yourself today, on the back, too.

Gary was very impressed with the style of the card overall, and said it reminded him of a brownie camera.  Do you remember Brownie Camera?  If you do, then you can guess how old Gary is.  (Hint:  He was born in 1948.)

Hope you liked my card, and give one a try yourself.  Stop by again really soon.