Dress Up Garden wedding

I wish I could have a closet full of pretty party dresses, but I don't.  So, I guess I will have to settle for a table full of pretty party dresses.  I used the Dress Up die to cut all the dresses, carefully cutting the shoulders so I could hinge them.  I then added a little 1 1/4" square box between the two dresses to make a little candy favor box the right size to hold 3 Dove chocolates.  The idea for this project came from Mary Smallidge, who showed off her project at our recent demonstrator's meeting.  Thanks for the great idea, Mary.

I can't wait to enter these in the challenge at Crafty Boots this week.  They are looking for Wedding Related entries "something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, and I hope these qualify.  They are for a bridal shower "old" tradition, and they are a "new" design, I "borrowed" the Dress Up die from a friend, and some of the dresses are "blue". 
I am so excited to show these off at the bridal shower tomorrow.  I'll have to share a photo later, when the table is set.  I have over 20 guests coming, so I made a whole bunch of favors, and they were soooo fun.  I spent one whole evening cutting the dresses, another to decorate them, and finally a third to make the boxes and glue them.  I think the best part was decorating each one of the dresses differently.  I used paper called Everyday Enchantment DSP (retired), and the prints are delightful on both sides of the paper, giving me a nice variety. 
As I was making some of the dresses in duplicate prints, I thought that my sisters will probably recall all of the times that we dressed alike.  I am not just talking about as little kids.  I remember buying the same boots as my sister, without knowing it, and another time the same purse.  But, the best was the year that Pat and I were both pregnant at Eastertime.  We were both avid sewers, and chose to sew something new for ourselves for Easter.  Funny thing was, that when we arrived at Easter dinner, we were kind of wearing matching outfits.  We had selected the very same floral fabric to make our blouses, but different shirt patterns.  We had also chosen the same color for our pants, which were green.  And, we both purchased light blue to make another pair of maternity pants, and another print fabric for a blouse that was exactly the same.  For those of you who sew, you know how odd it would be to go into a fabric store and choose the same 4 fabrics for the same 4 pieces as your sister.  We live in a big city, and we actually lived about 30 miles apart, and yet we both chose to shop in the same store.  So, it should be interesting to see which sister chooses which dress for their candy favor.   
I am getting excited about the big shower tomorrow, but I think I will have time to share another piece.  So, come on by tomorrow.
Mary Alice


  1. Oh wow, how gorgeous are these favor boxes? I love them.

    Thank you for joining in the fun at Crafty Boots Challenges.



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