Dress Up Favor for a bridal party

Here comes the bridal party
Today is the big bridal shower, and I have a lot to do, but I wanted to show these favors to you.  These are for the bride and her maids.  I have not seen the dress, but heard that it had big flowers down one side, so I thought I would attempt something like that for the bride's favor.  The bridesmaids are wearing black, and each got to choose their own dress, so I made each of the favors different.  I sure hope the bridal party likes them.
I had to show off the back of the brides dress, too, because I added a big bow and a flower to the back to glam it up a bit.  And, I added exagerated gems to the dress, just to bling it out a bit.
The wedding invitations asked the guests to come dressed in black, white, or gray, so I guess I have an excuse to go shopping.  I shopped last week for a dress to wear to the wedding myself, and ended up bringing home two dresses.  I did the same thing last fall for my nephew's wedding, and I do not regret my choices. (and I said yesterday that I do not have a closet full of party dresses, but I lied!)  If you have dresses in your closet that are new, and fit you well, you will find the occasion to wear them.  If you do not have dresses in your closet, you say "I don't ever wear dresses", and you end up wearing pants.  I always feel more festive, feminine, and sometimes sexy, in a dress.  The best part about buying new dresses, now that I am retired, is they are all just for fun, not for work.  I will admit that I shopped at JCPenney's, and the prices are very reasonable.  Now, if I can just find a pair of comfy, yet sassy shoes to wear to the wedding. 
I have my granddaughter, Emily, who is 8 years old, as my helper today.  She is on spring break, so I am lucky to have such good help.  First thing to do is fill all the favors with Dove Chocolates.  Then, I think I will have her do some fancy folded napkins, or better yet, I might haver her make some napkin rings.  I have an idea for them that just hit me!   I guess you will have to come back again, to find out what she made.
The Crafty Boots Challenge this week was for SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED, AND SOMETHING BLUE.  This time I made a new party favor using the Dress Up die, that I borrowed from my friend, Kay.  If you did not see yesterday's post, I gave information about making the dress favors here.  Hope you all think they are cute, and they are simple to make.  
Stop back tomorrow!

Mary Alice


  1. I love your dress favors, they look fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing your work with all of us at Crafty Boots Challenges.



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