Babies and Birthdays on my mind

It has been a busy week, and I have not had much time to blog.  Last week on Thursday,e went to the nursing home to celebrate March's birthdays.  My father-in-law, Lyle, will be 93 on March 30.  He has been living in a care facility since last August, but is still a pretty lively fellow.  In fact, he just got married 5 years ago to Irene.  He had not met our new granddaughter, Olivia, so we were anxious to show her off.  She is 10 weeks old now. 
First priority was finding just the right dress for the birthday party, because every girl needs a special dress for a party.  Well, there just is not alot out there in size 3 months that meets the specs for a party dress.  I finally settled on a summery sundress with a sweater, for the Minnesota weather could be cold in March.  Turns out that it was almost 80 degrees that day, and she became quickly overheated with the sweater on, and I hated to take it off because the dress was over sized and too bare.  Oh, the dilemma of dressing right for a party :)
Lyle and his wife Irene were very happy to meet Olivia, and we had to show her off around the room for everyone gathered for the party.   Here is a couple photos from the event.

This week was spring break for local schools,
so my granddaughter Emily was here with me on Monday.  She did a great job of entertaining her little cousin, singing and reading to her.  But, when baby was finally down for a nap, Emily and I headed for the craft room.  She likes to make things for her other little sister, and one of them, Charlotte will have a birthday in May.  Emily wanted to make a card for her, so I gave her a paper pad with birthday paper and punch outs, and she went to town.  She wanted one of the rosettes that I had been working on, so that was her centerpiece to put on this card. 
I worked on an Easter card myself.  I was thinking of using this card for the card buffet I am hosting this weekend.  Kind of a last minute idea, but I like how it turned out. 
I used a stamp set that I got last year just before Easter, and never got a chance to really use before. The image of the little girl with the loose little curls reminded me so much of my granddaughter, who so often has curls falling around her face.  I loved doing this stamp in that silhouette style.  After stamping I sponged the background with spring colors that matched the papers.  I like the way it came out with kind of a sunrise effect, and think I will do it over in blue and yellow tones so I can make it even more realistic. 
I often host Easter dinner at my house and have an Easter egg hunt for my all my little nieces and nephews.  We really do it just for the photo opportunities for the adults.  I just bought a couple bags of candy this week for the baskets and eggs to be filled, but I have already eaten all the malted milk balls (my favorite, and this is the second time I have bought them, and I never seem to share them).  I decided that I was not going to fill baskets for my grown children this year, for the first time.  I have enough little 
ones to think about. Besides Emily and Olivia, I also have a new grandson, Kol who was born last October.  And, yesterday I was surprised to find out that my son and his wife are expecting a baby in September.  That will be three  new grandkids in 11 months.  How lucky am I?  I have got babies on my mind!!                         With the lovely warm weather we have had this past week, spring is in the air, and Easter on my mind, and I have projects in my craft room to do.  Thanks for checking in to my blog.  Come back soon.                                                          Mary