Halloween Happiness

In my past I used to do a lot of sewing, making clothes for myself, my family, and décor for my home.  I sewed products for craft sales for many years, too, and eventually I went to work in an alteration shop. So, I guess you could say I have a professional background, as well as a passion for sewing and all that is used to create things. 
Over the years, I started paper crafting with rubber stamps, and then scrapbooks, and creative home projects, and my passion turned from fabric to paper.  I have often said that paper crafting today has replaced fabric crafts of yesteryears. 
For years women strolled through a fabric store, to look and be inspired by the fabric, often buying without knowing what they would create with the fabric.  I have the stash to prove that!  Sometimes the pattern or inspiration came first, then the hunt for the perfect fabric, and trim, and buttons, ribbon, or lace came next.  Now, we get the same creative satisfaction using paper for our creative inspirations. 
I just get a terrific satisfaction when I can create something that uses paper that was inspired by fabric.  Sweater Weather DSP just gave me a warm feeling, like a new fall coat, when I saw it, and I could hardly wait to start cutting and creating.  Oh, Sweater Weather DSP, I have plans for you!! 
These cute little pumpkins, which is a single stamp called Halloween Happiness paired perfectly with my plan.  They each have their own little texture and is perfect with the plaid patterned paper I chose for this card.  I could not resist adding a couple of candy buttons to this project and a couple of ribbon like strips inside. 
Stop back soon, and see what else I have been working on.  Lots of fun things for fall.  I'll be stamping at the camper this weekend, if I can stand the heat.  We have had temps in the high 90's all week with high humidity, so I might find myself stuck in the trailer with the AC turned on.  (Don't know why I feel I have to go camping just because it's Labor Day, but I feel like I just have not had my fill of summer fun.)  Wish me luck :)

Mary Alice