The craft sales are over! Hooray!

The craft sales are over,
my duty is done,
I've packed it all up,
Now it's time for some fun.
I cut and I've pasted,
I've stamped and I've glued,
I made lots of cute stuff,
When I was in the mood. 
I've cased and created,
I searched all the blogs,
I thought and I made it,
I worked like a dog. 
Now, craft sales are over.
Great people I met,
They ooohed and they aahed,
And they shook their heads.
You made all these things?
How creative are you?
Where do you find the time,
to do what you do?
I smiled, and I nodded,
As compliments they gave,
I don't go to bed,
And I work like a slave.
I love all the craft sales,
And my girlfriend does, too.
I would not change a thing,
But, glad it's over with, too.
Now I'll clean, and I'll bake,
Trim the house and the tree,
I'll go start my shopping,
And, knit the blanket for baby.
The craft sales are done,
bring on some Christmas fun!
dedicated to my extremely clever friend, Debby
without her, I never would have done these sales,
 and she always challenges me to be creative
We did the final sale this weekend, at the Andover Community Center.  I should say that Debby did the sale, I was just there to help with set up and clean up, due to other obligations this weekend. 
Today the sale was hampered by winter weather.  They were scheduled to close up at 4:00, but because of bad driving conditions, many crafters packed up early.  The promoter said that he would not hold it against anybody who left early.  I had just left the sale, to head to a family dinner on the other side of the city.  When I got out on the roads, conditions were horrible.  I pulled over and called my husband to see if the party was still on.  He said everybody was cancelling, not wanting to drive. 
I turned around and went back to the sale, and packed up.  After loading our cars, through deep snowy parking lots, we were soaked through our jackets.  The drive home was slow, as I followed the triple truck snow plow parade on the freeway for a while.  The trucks headed west as I went east at a split, and I never saw a plowed road again.  What normally takes 25 minutes to drive took and hour, and I was glad to arrive home safe and sound. 
I needed some quiet-down time, so I thought I would blog a little, and share some photos of our winter wonderland.  My husband is glad I'm back home, and how he goes out to try his new snow blower he bought last week.  Lucky guy :)
 So, here's to the blizzard!  Glad I am home! 
I think I'll watch a Hallmark Holiday movie, and work on the Christmas stocking that I am making. 
Have a great weekend.
Mary Alice


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