Creating a creative setting

I have spent the last week preparing for guests to arrive.  My son, Tony and his wife, Smita and their 13 week old son, Kol, are coming to visit tomorrow from Brooklyn, NY.  I can hardly wait!!  To prepare I needed to make room for them to sleep, and a place to put up a crib.  So, I started with the guest room, which also doubles as my computer room.  First and biggest obstacle was the piles and piles of paper.  I know I can keep files on my computer, but I print alot.  I print recipes because I will remember the recipe I found, but not the site I found it on.  One of these days, I will figure out a way to overcome that situation.  I also print out knitting instructions, for the same reason.  And, then there are the card ideas.  I love to save those fun ideas for future use.  I have way to many ideas, and not enough places to store them.  First thing,  buy file folders.  Second, fill file folders.  I filled a whole shopping bag with paper to recycle (trash), and another big pile of paper to recycle (print on the other side, because it's just for me).
The job is done, the room is clean, and it's ready for guests.  Except now I discovered that the room is going to be very crowded with all of them sleeping in there.
So, next I tackled the craft room (once bedroom next to guest room). I rearranged the storage shelves, and put new shelves up on the wall for more storage space.  I moved the table againts the wall, giving more space to move around.  I purchaged a few more pieces (Cubes) for my craft wall, and filled them quickly.  I am so pleased with all I got done.  Now I just need to put away all the odds and ends left on my work table.  It will take a while, but I tackle that this evening.  This will make a space for Smita to work from home (my home) while they are here to visit.  She is a very lucky new mother to be able to work from home most of the time.  She will spend some days visiting clients, and traveling, but I will be anxious to see how she makes it all work.  My son Tony has taken 2 months parental leave of absence for the next few weeks so he can care for Kol, while mommy gets back to work.  After that they will have to figure out daycare.
I better get back to work, before I run out of energy :/
Oh, and the exciting part, that I really want to say......Yesterday I signed up to attend a regional conference for Stampin Up as a way of commiting myself to a new business.  Today, I received my starter kit from Stampin UP!!!  Yeah!!! I am not going to unpack it until the tabel in the craft room is cleaned off!!  That is my incentive!!!  Can I get excited about this?  YES!!  YEAH!!
Soon I will have created a space to go crazy with creativity.  Think of the Marvelous possibilities.