Happy New Year 2012
So many changes and so many yet to come. Two new grandchildren, Kol born 10/28/11 and Olivia born 1/6/12, and with my darling Emily, age 7, I am a very happy grandma. I just can't get enough time with my little ones, and I wish they were all close by all the time. I was able to travel to Brooklyn, NY when Kol was 3 weeks old, and can hardly wait to see him again in 3 weeks.
So, until then I need to get my house in order. I still have Xmas wrapping paper on the floor, where I was wrapping gifts, not unwrapping. I have returns to do at several stores, and gifts that still have not been delivered. My best friend, Debby and I always seem to exchange gift in mid January. Every year we say we are going to make time to get together during the holidays, but we never seem to. With family gatherings, grandkids overnight, work schedules that differ, it's hard to make the time. I guess it's better late than never!
Tomorrow is my day to start cleaning and organizing. I said that last week, only a baby came along that thouroughy distracted me from all the chores I had to do. My plan is to get 1/2 hour in each room, and then clean the room where my computer mess has gotten out of hand. This is the room called "the spare bedroom", but you can't see the bed! I will have to take before and after photos. If I can get things under controll in here, I will move to the next room, "my craft room". I want my husband to put up my new shelves, so I can get orgainzed! LOL!! I brought home all the shelves and brackets when we closed the store I was working at. I have big plans for them. Right now there is a pile of shelves, brackets and poles in the corner of the spare bedroom, right in front of the closet door, so that I cannot retrieve or put anything in the closet, so it's all piled on the bed. It would be nice if someone could sleep in here in 3 weeks.
Tomorrow is the day to get going on these projects, while my husband is away for the day. I know he has his well thought out plans for these bedrooms, my craft room being one of them. I have to trump his plan, by getting my plan in action first. I have to stop sittin and knittin and git to pickin!! Wish me luck :)